Azermaya – national yeast professionals

The open Joint-stock company “Azermaya”, completely privatised enterprise created in May, 1997 on the basis of a former Baku bakers-yeast factory, which begun the activity in 1973. The total area of the enterprise makes 22600 square meters. Including a total area of the industrial case of 102 m * 36 m = 3672 square meters. The manufacture has necessary energy, gas and water supply. There is a branch line in the extent of 1950 meters. The barmy factory constructed in 1973 provides a production cycle of manufacture of yeast – preparation of mellasovii mashes and solution of salt, cultivation of pure cultures seeds yeast, cultivation of commodity yeast, allocation, isolation and packing of yeast.

The basis of manufacture is made with manufacture of the pressed yeast on special technology. The finished goods represent briquettes in weight of 0,5kg. The basic buyer of production is the network of enterprises on a batch bakery and confectionery products, both in city Baku, and in other areas of Republic. The finished goods are delivered by transport directly to the consumer.


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