Palsud – Dairy Company

There are 48 different enterprises and societies within the Palmali Group of Companies. The head office of the group, which was established in 1998, is situated in Istanbul, Turkey and currently employs 45,000 people.

In 2002 the group established its Baku office and currently includes the ‘Khazar Lankaran Football Club’, ‘MM Inshaat’ Construction Company and the ‘PALMALIFE’ Lenkaran Resort Hotel.

In 2005 the ‘NurSud’ milk and milk products plant was established. By the start of 2008 various milk products bearing the brand name ‘PalSud’ began to decorate market shelves. At the same time, the ‘PalSud Daghitim’ company was established, to improve sales performance.

In this way, the Palmali Group of Companies took its place in the food industry.


In order to supply top quality milk products to our people, our plant, fitted out with equipment using the latest technology from the ‘TetraPak’ company, a world leader in the packing industry, and also from Germany, Italy, Turkey and other leading European countries, occupies an area of 40,000 sq.m. This equipment makes it possible to produce 150,000 litres of milk per day. After analysing the sheep’s and cow’s milk collected from villages and farms in different regions, it is cooled to 4o Celsius in milk collection points which are equipped by our plant in the villages. The cold milk is delivered to the plant in special milk transporters without being touched by human hand.

Today, 600 people work in the plant, milk collection points and the ‘PalSud Dagitim’ distribution company. If we include farmers, too, we can say with pride that a total of 10,000 people are employed.

Our plant, which cost 32 million euros to construct, produces 46 milk products of various fat contents and under 15 names every day.

In order to deliver our products to points of sale in different regions of the country, without any loss of quality, the ‘PalSud Daghitim’ company was established at the end of 2008. The company, which currently has 70 employees and a large transport parking area, is successfully engaged in marketing and advertising work.

PalSüd products are currently sold in the southern and western regions of Azerbaijan and also in Baku and Sumgayit.

By the end of 2009, we plan to deliver our products to all regions of the country.

It is our aim to establish a large profile company which can meet all consumer demand within the food industry and, with this in mind, we will commence two new plants in 2009. To reach our objective we plan to invest 40 million euro in 2009 only.

PalSud is not simply a commercial project, it has a social dimension. Our aim is to assist consumers to achieve a healthy lifestyle by producing milk and milk products in the most hygienic and best quality environment, and also to open new places of work. We are steadfast in our purpose to see and to share in our customers’ well-being and the development of a healthy new generation.


Parallel with everyday production we are building refrigeration stores and also a plant to produce metallic packaging. In addition a project is underway to establish a plant to produce paper and plastic packaging. In this way, we will soon be able to complete the process of production entirely within Azerbaijan.

Only natural milk is used in the manufacture of our products. PalSud marks a new level of quality in the consumers’ market. The milk used in our plant is collected from the ecologically cleanest regions of Azerbaijan and the main point is that no preservatives are used in the production processes.

‘NurSud’ is the only enterprise in the field of milk production which has international ISO 22000:2005 certification. The high quality of our products is guaranteed by the quality systems which are used in our plant and also by the certificate of standards of hygiene from Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Health.

Our laboratory, which meets the highest standards, has physical-chemical and microbiological departments. They strictly control the quality of incoming raw materials, the storage of products and the condition of packaging. All the farmers who work with us are even supplied with stainless buckets in order to produce milk cleanly and free of bacteria.

We are also unique in that our door is always open to consumers. Every one of you can follow our work processes at any time via the internet.

Ugur 2008

Although we began our work in February 2008, in this short period PalSud products, by attracting the support of consumers, has become a popular brand in the local market. Our company was given the national ‘Ugur 2008’ award for Economy and Business on 21 February 2009 for its contributions to the development of the milk products industry.

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  1. Mohamed Leebeid

    Dear we are regular importer of powder Milk , we are interested to import dairy milk from your company please send us your best price C&F for 20MT to Nouakchott Mauritania.
    Also we are interested in Milk in 1L and 0,5L UHT .
    We can also buy 2 container 40′ Monthly of edible oil soybeans or sunflower packaging in 1L and 5 L.
    Best regards

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