Norm Cement Plant

qalaq-teaser-2Norm Limited Liability Company was established on 4 May, 2006 and properly registered by the Baku Regional Office for State Registration of Legal Entities under the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic. The company’s registration number is 0106-P216-45772.

The company was established for the implementation of industrial projects and since 2008 has concentrated its efforts on development of the Cement Plant project. World’s leading consultants and experts in cement industry have been involved into the project’s implementation.

As a result of tender for consulting services within the project, the Holtec Consulting Private Limited (India), one of top ten world’s companies in cement production, was contracted and since then has been acting as the Technical Consultant of the Norm LLC.

“Turnkey” Tender was announced for the cement plant construction. 26 companies with extensive experience in the cement plants’ construction from such countries as Japan, Germany, Czech Republic, China, Korea and Turkey were invited to present their bids.

Geological and exploration works had been carried at the territory of more than 10.000 hectares in 2008-2011 and about 2.000 samples of raw materials were gathered from different parts of the country and sent for analysis to specialized laboratories in Germany, France, India, Czech Republic and Turkey. Necessary topographical surveys and calculation of resource base had been conducted and the land plots required for Norm Sement plant construction were purchased by Norm LLC.

Public hearings on environmental and social impact with participation of local community members, NGOs, media and other interested parties had been held in 2009.


The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment document was approved by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan and measures taken in this regard have been positively assessed by experts.


Plant is designed according to most advanced European technology with the process equipment supplied from leading manufacturers of Germany and other European countries, which ensures high quality of the output, safety and efficiency of operation. Latest innovations have been investigated with the involvement of leading consultants and experts in the field of cement industry from different countries.

As a result of engineering and design work the cost-effectiveness of the plant was confirmed. Extensive scientific-research, necessary topographical surveys, calculation of resource materials have been carried out and technical concept of the plant, as well as financial and economic plan were developed. The capacity of plant is 5 thousand ton clinker per day and 2 million ton cement per year.

The plant will also enable to supply the oil industry of Azerbaijan with special types of oil-well cement that comply with API standards which was not manufactured in the Caspian region until now but was imported from abroad.

The plant’s main process equipment is supplied by the leading manufacturers of Germany, France and the Netherlands. On the production line crusher – HAZEMAG (Germany), vertical roller mill – Gebr. Pfeiffer SE (Germany), burner – Pillard (France) and cooler – Claudius Peters Ltd. (Germany) have been installed. MV motor & starters are supplied by Siemens, packer by Haver & Boecker (Germany) аnd X-ray analyzer by Phillips (the Netherlands).

These cutting-edge technologies and equipment ensures high quality of the output, efficiency of operation, while preserving most stringent European environmental standards.

Application of noise reducers and dust filters along the whole plant line as well as special technologies and equipment for environmental protection ensure compliance with the strict environmental standards. The plant operates the modern “dry process” technology.

The main advantage of this latest technology in cement production is the possibility to achieve higher quality of products. Besides that in comparison with the “wet process” there is no need of using big amount of water during the grinding of raw materials and specific fuel consumption is reduced approximately by a factor of two.

For the first time in the region the “by pass” system ensuring a higher quality of cement will be applied. Application of new technologies will ensure the operation of the plant in accordance with the highest European and international environmental standards.

The entire production line is equipped with modern dust filters and air quality is continuously monitored by the optical measuring instruments installed in all sources of dust according to the strictest standards. Constant monitoring of air emissions from the kiln and raw mill is carried out.

The entire process is controlled from the center by means of cameras installed at key production points. Application of silencers along the entire production line and provision of covers for all lighting fixtures prevent such impacts as sound and light.

Production of cement was launched in September 2013 and at present the following grades of cement are produced: CEM II/A-P 32,5R, CEM II/B-L 32.5R and CEM II/A-P42,5 R. At present, construction and installation works at the plant have been completed and the kiln was put into operation. In the course of year it is expected to increase the range of grades and achieve full production capacity.


  • Bag products



CEM II/A-P 32,5R

Portland-pozzolana cement designed for medium-strength concretes, impermeable layers, levelcrete, high strength stucco



CEM II/B-L 32,5R

  • Bulk products


CEM II/A-P 42,5 R – portland-pozzolana cement for construction of buildings and structures that require high strength and durability



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