Azer-Ilme LLC – Carpet weaving

       A carpet starts from a stitch

“Azer-Ilme” LLC, which has offered unique contributions to the material and cultural resources of world civilization through its activity, preserves the traditions of Azerbaijani carpet weaving, develops the art of carpet weaving, and propagate it through carpet sales organised worldwide. “Azer-Ilme” became a centre of carpet weaving in 1994. Today, more than 350 employees work in this company including artists, art critics, and other specialists. Various types of decorative carpets are made in the company using the old traditions and modern technologies.The complete cycle of carpet weaving is conducted through traditional and modern technologies including spinning yarn, dying wool with natural dyes, weaving carpets, and post-weaving tightening and washing. The carpets are made for all uses.

      Our intention

-Restoration of forgotten cheshni;
-Production of high quality carpets;
-Preservation of the artistic traditions of Azerbaijani carpets for future generations via carpets held in private collections and world museums;
-Proliferation of Azerbaijani carpets by organising worldwide carpet trade.

       Our scale

This company has weaving shops in the historic carpet weaving centres of Baku, Karabakh, Gazakh, Guba, Ganja, Lerik, and Shirvan. These centres preserve national traditions developed over many centuries and garner great success in Azerbaijan and internationally. Azerbaijani carpets woven by Azer-Ilme LLC were successfully presented at the sale exhibitions in Atlanta, United States of America in 1997; Hanover, Germany in 1999; and Moscow, Russia in 2003. At present, the carpets produced here decorate many private collections and homes in the United States of America, Germany, France, Turkey, Russia, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, South Africa, and other countries throughout the world.

       Our results

“Azer-Ilme” preserves the artistic and technical features of the carpets woven by national artisans in Gazakh, Borchali, Goyche, Zangezur, Aghbaba, Derechichek, Pashali, Jalaloglu, Hamamli, Sharur, Dereleyaz, Derbent, Tabriz, Ardebil, Sarab, and other historical territories of Azerbaijan. At the same time, the carpets produced at “Azer-Ilme” meet international standards for their modern technological character. The carpets woven from silk and wool by the professional weavers in Azer-Ilme workshops are notable for their fine weave, high knot density, unique compositions, and bright harmonious colours.

       Research activity

Fundamental scientific and research work is conducted in the field of Azerbaijani carpet traditions and history. Vidadi Muradov, Director of Azer-Ilme LLC, is the author of the researched books “Azerbaijan Carpets” and “Azerbaijani Carpets: Karabakh Group.” All aspects of the carpet arts continue successfully, including researching carpets, understanding patterns, and investigating the carpet schools of Azerbaijan.

       Our successes

“Azer-Ilme” LLC was awarded national and international awards recognizing the preservation and promulgation of the historical fame of Azerbaijani carpets, especially in the high quality European market.

    1. “Ugur-2006” National Award in the field of economics and business presented on 30th January, 2007, by the Consulting & Business Magazine in the For Contribution to Export-Aimed Production Nomination.
    1. Caspian Energy International Award presented on 27th March, 2007, by the Khazar Integration Business Clib in the Reviving and Development of Azerbaijani Carpetweaving Nomination.
  1. “Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal 2007” Awarded to Vidadi Muradov, Director of “Azer-Ilme” LLC, for honour, dignity, and selflessness demonstrated in his business activity. The award was presented at the Europe Business Assembly’s Summit of Leaders held in Oxford March 19-21, 2007.
  2. “European Quality Award 2009” Awarded to Vidadi Muradov, Director of “Azer-Ilme” LLC, for producing high quality products according to European standards. The award was presented at the Europe Business Assembly.
  3. “Brand of Year 2010” Awarded to “Azer-Ilme LLC” by the Caspian Energy International Media Group at the end of 2010. “Azer-Ilme LLC” was celebrated for its great contributions to the development of the carpet weaving art in Azerbaijan, the preservation and protection of carpet weaving, as well as the propagation of this ancient decorative applied art.


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