Azerbaijan’s “Ketchi” became brand

As one of the owner of the biggest goat farm “BMS Agro” LLC began to push “Ketchi” brand to the market.

In the farm of “BMS Agro” are feeded 4000 “Saanen” and “Alpine” sex goats from Netherlands and France.

Goat farm located in the village of Jafarbayli of Agcabedi region. Shirvan District Cəfərbəyli LLC. The project, funded by the National Fund for Entrepreneurship as a soft loan for entrepreneur Mulhazil Balakishiyev.

Farm-fed goats milked and the milk is processed in plant with compliance of veterinary-sanitary rules, after then Motala cheese, fresh cheese and salty cheese are obtained. Products marketed under “Ketchi” brand.

Goat’s milk is closer to breast milk and is distinguished by the fact that is more useful. Purpose of “Ketchi” brand is to bring benefits of goat milk to your tables.

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