Herba Flora – natural medicine

Herba Flora was founded on May 25, 1998. At first, the company’s activity was limited to manufacturing only some medical plants. Gradually, expanding its field of activity, it started producing herbal preparations and fito-teas. At the moment, Herba Flora turns out more than 140 different plant products.

The company is cooperating with Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Georgia, Latvia, China, Egypt, India, Albania, Macedonia, Indonesia and Russia in the field of purchase of raw materials and sale of ready-made goods. Our biologically active additives for preventing and treating many illnesses are absolutely natural and don’t contain any chemical components. Considering that people are very interested in herbs, the company produces not only combined compositions, used for treating cardiovascular, nervous, gastroenteric, respiratory and urinogenital diseases, but also single-component teas from wild camomile, dog-rose, lime, madder, orthosiphon, senna and other plants.

Nowadays Herba Flora produces not only herbs. It also makes preventive medical syrups on the basis of plant concentrates.

Obtaining extracts from fruits and plants prompted production of unparalleled lemonades and syrups. For the first time in the history of lemonade, Herba Flora has produced a fito-lemonade from thyme. Apart from this, the company produces fito-lemonades from duchess pear, tarragon, rose, dog-rose, lemon, grape and feijoa.

The company’s activity is not limited to the aforesaid. In December 2007 it opened a new department and in the same month published the first issue of the popular scientific medical journal «Herba Flora». In our journal you can find information not only about medical plants, their role in treating various diseases, current issues of modern medicine, medical news, but also about different countries and nations, their life, culture, kitchen; cosmetic procedures which are recommended by folk medicine and many other interesting things.

We wish you good health!

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