BELTMANN – Piano factory


BELTMANN – piano factory was founded in 1901 by “Johann Beltmann (1879-1964)” in Deventer/ Holland. Production and restoration of uprights and grand-pianos began. In 1918, “Boele Jan Beltmann (1901-1990)” started to work in his father´s factory. The production of 120 Instruments per year started in 1922 with 21 employees. Between 1939 and 1949 the production stopped during the circumstances of World War II. During these hard times the factory only serviced pianos and made restorations. In 1949 the Beltmann Piano Factory started again their production and in 1950 with 32 employees they have reached 190 instruments per year.

The following 20 years, half of the employees made only restoration. In 1967 the grandson “Hans Leferink” of “Boele Jan Beltmann” started to work at the factory. Hans Leferink took over the factory as owner and moved the factory to the south of Germany. In 1983 he merged the Berdux and Beltmann factories. After 1983 the factory produced more than 10.000 instruments and stopped the production in 2002. In 2002 Mr. Leferink was invited to work for a german piano factory as Designer/ Chief-technician and foreign expert, where he stayed until 2008. In February 2008 start the design of a new piano factory. October 2008 the construction of the Beltmann Piano Factory began in Gabala/ Azerbaijan. After becoming to Gabala/ Azerbaijan, Beltmann piano made a smile on faces of their customers.

BELTMANN – Handcrafted pianos. Solid soundboard floating system. Standard or individual design. Highest quality for fair prices.

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