Milla – Dairy Company

logo_enLaunched in 2011 by Azerbaijani Food and Packaging company (AZFP LTd.), Milla brand set a clear goal – offering locally produced, high quality dairy products. For Milla, life starts with milk, as it is the first food babies taste and make contact with. Therefore milk has not only nutritional, but also emotional value. This is why we take its production very seriously.

With highly skilled international and local team, fresh milk and finest raw ingredients, latest processing and packaging

Our Factory

Here at Milla we operate in a state-of-the-art dairy processing facility, with the highest levels of hygiene and food safety.
Every day 25,000 litres of fresh milk is collected from our dairy farm in Qabala, pasteurized for safety, and then made into one of the delicious Milla products we all love.

Our chilled products are then produced on our 12 production lines, packed and delivered to the market within 24 hours to ensure the product is fresh, safe and tasty.
We use the most advanced European equipment, combined with the traditional dairy techniques, experienced staff, and the very best quality ingredients, to ensure we make the prime dairy products in Azerbaijan and beyond.


With over 50 dedicated temperature-controlled distribution vehicles, Milla continues to preserve high quality of our products whilst being delivered to our customers. Through the use of temperature data loggers, our Quality Team monitors the temperature of each of our vehicles throughout the delivery schedule to ensure that at no point does the temperature of our products exceed our strict limits. With our own vehicle workshop, we ensure our vehicles are regularly serviced and well maintained. Each vehicle is cleaned internally and externally daily in our own washing facility.

To summarize, we have an extensive sales fleet that can deliver the required quantity, in timely manner and in the best possible conditions to our customers.


General manager’s message

“Here in Milla and AZFP Ltd. company we believe in bringing healthy, tasty and fresh dairy products from the heart of Azerbaijan into the homes of all consumers.
This is why we set the highest standards for production – we carefully select fresh milk from our trusted suppliers, use the latest technologies, invest in educating the heart of our company – our employees, and challenge the market with our innovations.

Ways we do business result in high quality Milla products and healthy, satisfied, loyal customers. Our brand will grow and will continue to deliver the most innovative products Azerbaijan can be proud of.confidence and trust”. 


Philip Wright


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