Norm Sement applies ISO standards


DNV GL Group, one of the leading certification authorities of the world acts in the different fields of economy in more than 100 countries. Thus, investigations and inspections were held in the Norm Company by this organisation within the last six months and as a result of the assessment the Company has been awarded with ISO certification.

Consequently, provision of performance consistency, operating safety and reliability as well as strict management of safety and environmental impact by the Company was proved. In addition, it was noted that various trainings, exchanges regarding advanced practice and good behaviour have been organised by the Company in order to prevent labor accidents. It was considered that information booklets about occurred incidents and security measures have been issued to all employees regularly during special trainings and labor hygiene and safety were preferred. It was emphasised especially by the inspectors of the Organisation that all industrial and commercial processes are coordinated in the Company and carried out continuously. Field of activity of each specialist was defined correctly and all aspects of the activity of the Company were optimised. Putting a priority on establishment of safe and healthy working conditions in the Company was taken into account.

It was highly appreciated by DNV GL Group that even a single accident did not happen during construction and operation of Norm Cement plant, the largest cement plant in the South Caucasus. As a result, Norm Sement was awarded with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications for quality control, environmental protection and labor safety.

These standards are indicators for efficiency of quality management system, reliability of a company, sustainable development and social responsibility. These standards approve international management of quality, serious attention to the labor and environmental protection and reliability of the Company. We believe that application of ISO standards will increase competitiveness of our products and reduce risks.


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