Emiland – High fashion brand of Azerbaijan

resize.phpOver 20 years ago we founded a tailoring shop, making men’s suits. Being one of the pioneers of a new trend tailoring for men in our country. During these years the company has undergone many changes, but they improved the quality, becoming a sustainable concept of “superior quality.”

In a large designer hall of EMILAND fashion house, in a pleasant atmosphere in the center of Baku, you can choose and order things you are interested in, made to your individual measures. Using modern technology in the tailoring industry and pursuing the latest styles in fashion, EMILAND turned into a company, single in Azerbaijan, which produces a full range of high quality menswear. Management is personally involved in the selection of materials for the production, with the purpose of it sometimes they make breathtaking journeys through the world, meticulously going into the minutest particulars of the latest manufacturing techniques, modern fashion trends. And the result is worth it. All products are made in accordance with the regulatory documentation and under the direct supervision by our specialists at every stage of production process. EMILAND trademarks ensure comfort during wearing and high quality appearance of products, which persists for a long time subject to the conditions of care for the product. Maybe that’s why our products enjoy great popularity. It should be noted that we specialize in tailoring of suits for the ceremony.

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