Azerbaijanian Tea Products – SunTea

The tea-packing factory JSC Sun Tea Azerbaijan, operating within Azersun Holding, was opened by the all-national leader Heydar Aliyev in 1996. Prominent among the tea-packing factories in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Sun Tea Azerbaijan, armed with high technologies and management system certificates, is among the first entities in Azerbaijan, in which Azersun Holding LLC invested money.

With a production capacity of around 9 thousand tons per year, the company is the regional leader in terms of producing packaged tea, green tea, fruit teas.

Tea-packing factory JSC Sun Tea Azerbaijan continues to offer its consumers packaged tea of 5 large trade marks, reflecting the tea traditions of various tastes and fragrances from the tea gardens in different regions of the country, other countries, and meeting the various tastes of consumers.

Tea-packing factory JSC Sun Tea Azerbaijan is capable of covering all the four directions of the region due to its equipment and distribution system. In this context, the tea marks exported to the Caucasus, Central Asian and entire CIS, primarily Russia, have managed to take the lead due to the awards received at various international festivals.


Mission of the company..

  • To develop Azerbaijan’s tea sector in accordance with the national agricultural policy
  • To reform the quality of tea, to process tea based on scientific grounds
  • To produce, import and export tea to meet the domestic and foreign needs
  • To form investment sources, helping investment reserves through its corporate policy based on the principle of productivity;
  • To procure raw materials considering the human health factor, to produce tea keeping in mind human health protection;
  • To ensure customer satisfaction;
  • To care for the environment;
  • To create safe working conditions for people, to respect and appreciate the views of people;
  • To adhere to the requirements and conditions laid out in the regulations and laws of the country and management systems and to constantly improve such systems
  • To use all education and training possibilities to the greatest extent possible in order to regularly develop the personnel (seminars, courses)

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