Unique taste of pasta by Avrora Group

1556259_10152164801923080_616697555_o.760x0Pasta is one of the main productions of “Aurora” Company. Production of quality pasta starts with quality raw materials and modern equipment. That is why in the production of pasta, “Aurora” company uses the latest Italian equipment called «Fava», which is the most famous manufacturer of pasta technologies. Only exclusively hard wheat varieties, retaining their shape and perfect taste properties during cooking, as well as giving a unique taste, are used in the production of pasta.

One of the advantages of our pasta – a great variety of forms and shapes that can delight everyone with original and healthy dishes.

“AVRORA” firm which deliver manufactured products at its production sites as well as products of its distribution network to the markets and consumers has established vast trade network within a short period of time equipped with modern technology that meets the requirements. The distribution network is being delivered to all regions, districts and settlements as well as villages of the country by means of over 300 work forces and more than 300 vehicles in a very comfortable way.

Office equipped with modern equipment (2 storied, 2400 sq. m area)

Storage facilities (dry storage with 4000 sq. m area, 2 storied storage equipped with modern refrigerators with 1500 sq. m area)

1540554_10152164801798080_1466690465_o.760x0Means of transports (Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Hyundai branded trucks more than 300), There is a special railway.

“AVRORA” firm has opened its branch in the Georgia Republic since 2013. So that “AVRORA” firm has begun to withdrawal of their products on Georgian market. Firm has commenced to implement sale over 2000 points of sale in a short period of time with performing high progress. There are 20 sale staffs in Georgia. Number of sales representative will be increased since 2014. Georgian branch will continue to develop and will attempt to make more ability to compete its activity with the professional team in 2014.

Source: avrora.az

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