Unimetal – the art of metal treating

Unimetal LLC Trade and Manufacturing Company is one of the largest companies in the region engaged in the manufacturing and trade of metal production. Currently Unimetal LLC has 4 sales centers in the Dernegul Industrial Zone (Baku) and permanent distributors in 36 regions of Azerbaijan.

Unimetal LLC is the supplier of high-quality sheet steel without coating, galvanized coils, flat rolled products with polymeric coating, fittings, rods, shaped rolled steel, steel pipes and profiles, metal tiles, different types of profiled sheeting, iron panels, and drainage systems for construction, engineering, oil and gas industries of Azerbaijan.

The company owns a pipe and profile plant (Interprofil LLC) and hot-dip galvanizing plant (AzGalfan LLC). The company has its own factory for the processing of flat hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized rolled products and thin sheet steel with polymer coating (Unimetal Profile) and service metal center (Unimetal Service). Modern steel processing lines support continuous operation of the manufacturing cycle.

Year after year Unimetal LLC develops its production lines. Currently, the design works on the colouring line are finished, and the launch is scheduled for the beginning of 2016. Company production capacities on the pipe plant, galvanizing line and coloring line, are calculated both for the domestic market, and for export.


«Unimetal» strategy is aimed at the creation of the regional leader in the segment. «Unimetal» has a balanced long-term expansion strategy, focused on the development of production lines. For the implementation of the strategic plans, the detailed long-term investment program is developed, which includes projects aimed at the development of the existing production capacities and new products, improvement of internal operating systems, development of corporate and export sales.


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