“AzAgro” modern flower greenhouse

Being established in 2008 “AzAqro” LLC joined “Synergy Group” LLC as a subsidiary company in 2010. “AzAqro” LLC focuses on organization of agricultural production in the greenhouses and by introducing innovative methods into agricultural sector can be assumed a flagman company in Azerbaijan. The company operates the planting process on the basis of cutting–edge technologies based on centralized computer system.

As of September 2012 “AzAqro” LLC has started growing rose plants based on drip irrigation system on the area of 1 ha.

The greenhouse meets all recent standards and is equipped with advanced facilities eligible for full production cycle. The roses are planted in the soil-free conditions, in special mineral substratums. Irrigation, heating, ventilation, climate balancing, curtaining, cooling and other processes are carried out on fully automated basis and being under computerized control. Our technical capacities enable us to plant products fully addressing the international standards.

Industrial greenhouse complex AzAgro is the largest industrial enterprise combining cutting-edge technology which has focused its activities on organization of production process of flowers. The company is part of one of the largest investment holdings in Azerbaijan-Synergy Group OJSC and since 2012 under an agreement with the Dutch “DLV” company has been engaged in the production of rose varieties such as Avalanche, Candy Avalanche, Myrna, Wow, Fiorenza, Peach Avalanche, Red Naomi that are qualifying products of leading brands “De Ruiter”, “Lex+” and “Schreurs”. These varieties have already gained popularity in the local market and have daily increasing consumer demand.

 Source: azaqro.com

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