Accopen LLC

About us

Diversification of the economy and comprehensive development of the non-oil sector was one of the main priorities in the large-scale reforms implemented under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev in accordance with the international standards implemented in our country..This is the result of a steadfast step towards the realization of a strategic economic development that has led to a significant positive impact on the dynamic development of all non-oil sectors, including the private sector, and the impact of these factors on the living standards of the people.

Special care and attention of Head of the country on the development of non-oil and private sectors in our country stimulated the establishment of Accord Industrial Company LLC in 2017, which incorporates large production areas. In order to contribute to the private sector, in particular to industry, Accord Industrial Company LLC established number of affiliate companies. The activities of these companies lead to contribution to the production of better quality industrial products in non-oil and private sectors. One of these affiliates is “Accopen” Limited Liability Company established by Accord Industrial Company LLC in 2018 and functioning since 2007.

Accopen LLC is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of PVC profiles, windows, doors and stained-glass systems installation in Azerbaijan.

It is intended to cover the demand for various facade elements by local production with the annual production capacity of 2500 tons of PVC profiles of the enterprise operating under Accopen LLC. Future export of the products produced by the plant is also planned. All the necessary measures have been taken to prevent damage to the environment and nature due to industrial wastes of the plant which was build with the consideration of all sanitary-hygienic norms. However the plant has equipment meeting all latest Turkish standards, the equipment is constantly upgraded. Application of modern technologies will allow the plant to produce high quality and less costly products.

All conditions have been created here for the workers. The plant has medical center and other social objects, like canteen, which meets all modern requirements and provide staff with food on company expense.


The plastic doors and windows produced in Accopen LLC aiming to create new production areas and produce products not different from their international analogues are applied in construction of industrial and civil buildings. Accopen LLC mainly operates on two production lines

– PVC plastic profiles production

– Installation of PVC windows, doors and stained-glass systems.


  • PVC Profiles
  • PVC Window Systems
  • PVC Door Systems
  • PVC Stained glass systems

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