Balakhani Metal Products LLC

About us


Diversification of the economy and comprehensive development of the non-oil sector was one of the main priorities in the large-scale reforms implemented under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev in accordance with the international standards implemented in our country.This is the result of a steadfast step towards the realization of a strategic economic development that has led to a significant positive impact on the dynamic development of all non-oil sectors, including the private sector, and the impact of these factors on the living standards of the people.

Special care and attention of Head of the country on the development of non-oil and private sectors in our country stimulated the establishment of Accord Industrial Company LLC in 2017, which incorporates large production areas. In order to contribute to the private sector, in particular to industry, Accord Industrial Company LLC established number of affiliate companies. The activities of these companies lead to contribution to the production of better quality industrial products in non-oil and private sectors. One of these affiliates is “Balakhani Steel Products” Limited Liability Company established by Accord Industrial Company LLC in 2018 and functioning since 2005.

“Balakhani Metal Products” LLC, which contributes to the development of the non-oil sector in Azerbaijan, has always been able to stand out with creating innovations  in the field of metal construction and electrical equipment. The plant has successfully implemented many projects in a short period of time and has achieved great successes in this area. Having extensive experience in the production of steel products and electrical equipment, our factory is improving its production area by expanding its range of products.

With modern technical equipments manufactured in the Netherlands and Germany and USA, our company has a monthly production capacity of 1200 tons of metal. Our goal is to produce high-quality products reaching beyond the boundaries of Azerbaijan competitive on international level.


The annual production capacity of metal products workshops of Balakhani Metal Products LLC is around 1,200 tons. There are various types of metal products like counters and fire security equipment shields, electrical distribution shields, metal doors, metal furniture, seats, trash bins, metal products for bank, offices, warehouses and stores, metal shelfs for archives, libraries and accounting departments, closed body for any type of vehicles, wagon-type living rooms and so on. The plant specializes in the production of parapets, handrails, light poles, various stands, handles, architectural design elements, special accessories, frames and barriers using stainless steel tubes. In processing, mainly US-made argon welding apparatus are used.


  • Electric shields
  • Handrail
  • Light poles
  • Wardrobes
  • Doors
  • Fire extinguisher shields
  • Seats
  • Meshes
  • Slippers
  • Garbage containers
  • Iron wagons
  • Advertising boards
  • Flag poles
  • Ceiling sheets
  • Road signs

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